In 2016, four experienced mango and avocado producers from Piura, Jayanca and Casma got together to create a company that could provide international markets with a consistent supply of premium quality mangoes along the whole Peruvian mango season, from November to May.

Our agronomical expertise developed over more than 30 years of experience is displayed along the fields we manage to ensure we produce the quality our customers expect along the season. The company has its packing facility located in Jayanca with a processing capacity of 200 tons per day and is dedicated to process our shareholder´s production and provide services to other producers in the region. Our highly qualified staff of professionals are essential in supporting our quality and customer orientation and have developed EPP´s own phytosanitary processes to have superior control over fungi such as anthracnosis and stem end rot. In this way, quality has been integrated from the field to the market.


Develop, produce and export, along our customers and suppliers, high quality agricultural products; thus achieving sustainable growth for the company in order to generate value for the shareholders, welfare to our employees and contributing to the development and reputation of Peru.


To be a highly competitive company in the production of healthy and safe foods for the world market.