In 2016, four mango producers and avocados, joined to form a company that can supply the market for a long period that goes from October to April.

The farmers belong to Piura, Jayanca and Casma. his would allow a uniform quality, based on the same nutritional management of plantations.

In the Jayanca area a plant was built packinghouse with a processing capacity of 200 tons per day, high level technological and with a original process for the phytosanitary control of fungi such as anthracnosis and stem end rot. In this way, quality has been integrated from the field to the market.

This union allow to work with sure programs for clients, without intermediation.


Develop, produce and market together with our customers and suppliers, high quality food products for agriculture export; thus achieving growth fast and sustained by the company, generating value for the shareholders, welfare of our workers, and contributing to the development and image of Peru.


To be a highly competitive company in the production of healthy and safe foods for the world market.