Our plantations are located in the Jayanca Valley and because of the climatic con fi guration and altitude on the level of the sea, allows us to have very early from March to mid-April.

The avocado is harvested after several measurements of dry matter in the field, when we reach The optimum level starts the harvesting.



General Description Fresh species avocados Persea americana, of the Lauraceae family., It is reception the raw material, then goes through a washing machine and Disinfected, Pre-drying, selection, calibration, packed in corrugated / plastic cartons, labeling and palletizing, heavy II, cooling of tunnels, storage in the chamber and fi nally dispatch of the finished product.
Variety Avocado Hass (Persea americana)
Physical and chemical characteristics of the finished product. % Dry matter: ≥21%
Firmness:> 28.0 lbf
Shape: Characteristic of the variety 5% light deformations
organoleptic characteristics. Color: Characteristic of the variety.
Taste / Odor: Characteristic of the fruit, free of strange flavors and smells.
Texture: Firm
Use It can be used as an ingredient for various food preparations, such as salads or as ingredients for other preparations, etc.
Useful life The useful life of the product is based on the storage conditions and the physiological maturity of the fruit and has an average of 50 days from harvest and transport in refrigerated containers.
Storage Temperature: 5 - 7 °
Relative Humidity: 85% - 98%
Distribution Method Transport closed, clean, dry, free odors and foreign substances, suitable for food loading. Temperature of 5-7 ° C
Expected Use Human consumption in general, this includes the sensitive group: the elderly, children and pregnant women. It can be consumed directly or in preparations such as salads, soups, creams, juices, etc.